The Property

The property and gardens are on 10.58 rolling acres. The natural areas are forested with ponderosa pine, jack pine, douglas fir, larch and douglas maple. The undergrowth has both deciduous and evergreen berries, shrubs, wildflowers and groundcovers.

  • Two and a half acres, surrounding the home, is fenced. A large portion of which is professionally landscaped with lawns, trees, flower and shrub beds, rhododendrons and organic vegetable garden.

  • Own amenities are the water and sewer. Supplied are electrical, natural gas and telephone underground to the home and satellite TV and internet.

  • A 300 ft gravel drive, with driveway lights connects home and parking to Ponderosa Drive.

  • Local services include road maintenance, trash and recycling pick up, and school bus pick up.

  • The soils are a sandy till with porus clean sands and gravels as subsoil. These alternating bands of sand and gravel can be excavated and used.

  • The home and property has unlimited potential, and is great for pets and animals.

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